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 | Barley Twist

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Barley Twist

Design Style: None
Reference No.: BEDS09/1/8

Product Dimension:

Name Price
4 ft 6 4,140.00
5 ft 4,350.00
6 ft 4,600.00
6 ft 6 4,850.00



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History and Detail

As the bed is made to order, we can make the bed to take (fit) any UK or American or European size mattress or bed base.

Height of Bed

There are three mattress height options

1. You can place a Divan base and mattress inside the bed frame so that it sits directly on the floor.

2. We can provide you with slats (as an extra cost option of £70), which are laid across the two side rails to support the mattress.

You can have the slats as in option 2, and put a Divan base and mattress on top of these to give a traditional height.

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