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Royal State Four Poster Bed

Ref. No.: E4P18A
Chippendale (1750-1790)

Ceremonial Bridal Bed

Ref. No.: D4P01
A beautiful intricately carved bridal bed originally from Clausholm, Jutland, by Peter Jensen Kolding, Danish, 1640-1650. (Soft furnishings are not included in the price).

Baronial Tudor Bed

Ref. No.: E4P01
Tudor Jacobean (1465-1625)

Royal Hampton Court

Ref. No.: E4P02
Tudor Jacobean (1465-1625)

Great Bed of Ware

Ref. No.: E4P05
Tudor Jacobean (1465-1625)

King James

Ref. No.: E4P07
Tudor Jacobean (1465-1625)

Balmoral Bed

Ref. No.: E4P03
Tudor Jacobean (1465-1625)

Royal Windsor

Ref. No.: E4P04
Tudor Jacobean (1465-1625)

Plain Panel

Ref. No.: FB09-4

Royal Lincoln

Ref. No.: E4P10
Carolean (1625-1649)

Barley Twist

Ref. No.: BEDS09/1/8

Palm State Four Poster Bed

Ref. No.: E4P20
Georgian (1714-1811)

Royal Tudor Four Poster Bed

Ref. No.: RTB01
Tudor Jacobean (1465-1625)

Royal York Four Poster Bed

Ref. No.: RYB02
Tudor Jacobean (1465-1625)

Arch Four Poster Bed

Ref. No.: E4P22
Regency (1812-1837)

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